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Can DM907 Be Touched on the Curved Screen?
No, because the curvature of the curvature of the curved curtain affects the accuracy of the projector recognition.The DM907 can only be touched on a flat screen, and it has certain requirements on the flatness of the screen.
What are the conditions for DM907 to achieve a single touch:
Win system computer, USB cable (projection standard accessories), LCT software, infrared stylus, flat screen.
DM907 can achieve up to several fusion touches
Up to 2 units.
Can DM907 achieve finger touch?
No. The principle of finger touch is to identify opaque objects, and infrared touch is more accurate than finger touch. In addition, finger touch is much better than writing with an infrared stylus.
Does DM907 support a few touches?
Single touch and 2 DM907 fusion touches, all supporting up to 10 touches.
Does DM907 support rear projection?
Not supported.
After DM907 turns on active 3d, why does the geometric correction that is done jump?
The 3d and geometry correction functions of DM907 are not compatible.Since DM907 has this limitation, please consider geometric correction when using the 3d function of DM907. The geometric correction here only refers to 2*2~17*17 grid points. Therefore, if the user uses 3d after using horizontal trapezoidal correction and vertical trapezoidal correction, the corrected picture will not jump.
DM907, dm6300 series product detection signal automatic boot function how to use?
The usage method is: remote control button "off" - remote control button "on" - sleep mode "on" - detection signal is automatically turned "on" - detection power automatically turns "on".
The achievable result is that the projector can be automatically turned on when there is a signal input to the projector; the projector automatically turns off after the signal is off for 1 minute (or longer).
Note: Turning on the detection power supply automatically turns on the projector to prevent the sudden power off of the projector caused by the power environment, and the sleep mode is interrupted.
'Manual' option in 'Geometry Correction Control' of DM907 is gray not selectable state.
The general situation is because the DM907 detects that the signal source input from the front end is 120hz. Change the front-end source to 60hz to solve the problem.
DM907 prompts the filter expiration solution?
Press the menu on the remote control ---- option menu - select filter settings --- clear reminder
DU7800/DU8300 Can't the projector play sound?
The DU7800/DU8300 has no built-in speakers. If you need sound, you need an external audio device.
What are the conditions for DM907 to achieve 2 fusion touches
Win8 and above system computer, USB cable *2 (projection standard accessories), Blending Touch software, infrared stylus, flat screen
DM907 projector audio output port can output output 5.1 channel
Only support left and right channels, can not output 5.1
What is the operating temperature of the Q:DM907/dm6300 series?
5-40 degrees in the running state, -20-60 degrees in the shutdown state;
Does DU7800/DU8300 support network command control?
No network interface is supported for du7800/du8300.
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