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3D Laser Projector

3D Laser Projector
The earliest prototype of 3D laser projector technology is the air projection and interaction technology invented by an American man named Chad dyne, the technology can project images with interest of human-computer interaction.

Principle of 3d laser projector technology: the mirage principle that has been spread since ancient times in China is consistent with this technology. Image projection needs medium, which can be noread imaging film, water mist, etc.; in terms of water mist medium, the image with hierarchical and three-dimensional sense is projected because of the uneven vibration of water molecules.

Chemical elements are widely used in the field of projection, such as Japan's famous "Hatsune Miku". The projection source of this technology is changed into laser element, and the image is solid three-dimensional image. The chemical principle used is that when nitrogen and oxygen are free in the air, they mix together to produce a kind of hot paste material and produce a small explosion, thus forming a three-dimensional image with a short time.

The principle of 3d laser projector
3d laser projector technology, also known as phantom imaging, is a technology to reproduce 3-D image by optical refraction and diffraction.
The principle is to uniformly and symmetrically project the image or video that has been carefully made in advance and has three-dimensional effect on the imaging film of the acrylic plate through the high lumen projector. After the diffraction and refraction of light, the object is imaged in the air. Then the whole process is finished.

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