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3D Virtual Reality Projection Film

3D Virtual Reality Projection Film
With the rapid development of computer technology in recent years, the research and development and application of 3d virtual reality projection technology has gone through the early exploration stage for decades. The maturity, perfection, ease of use, humanization and economy of technology have made great breakthroughs.

There are many ways to make 3d virtual reality projection films, among which polarizing glasses method is widely used.

3d virtual reality projection film uses human eyes to observe the scene. It uses two film cameras which are placed side by side to represent the left and right eyes of a person, and simultaneously shoots two films with slight horizontal parallax. During projection, the two movie films are respectively installed in the left and right movie projectors, and two polarizers with 90 degree polarization axes are respectively installed in front of the projection lens. The two projectors need to operate synchronously, and at the same time, the picture is put on the metal screen to form a double image of left image and right image. When the audience wears the special polarizing glasses, because the polarizing axes of the left and right polarizers are perpendicular to each other and consistent with the polarizing axes before the projection lens, the audience can only see the left image and the right image in the left eye, and can only see the right image through the binocular convergence function to stack the left image and the right image on the retina, and the three-dimensional visual effect is produced by the brain nerve. It shows a coherent three-dimensional picture, which makes the audience feel that the scene is coming or entering the deep depression of the screen, which can produce a strong sense of "immersive".

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