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The Advantages Of DIDON of Multimedia Projector

The Advantages Of DIDON of Multimedia Projector
In 1640, a Jesuit church priest invented a magical slide projector, the first projector in the world. How much do you know about projectors? In the course of the continuous development of human history, projectors are also developing and evolving, and the types of projectors are more and more. With the continuous improvement of our living standards, projectors of domestic or commercial types are more and more widely used. So what do you know about the advantages of multimedia projectors? Let me give you a detailed introduction.

1.Higher cost-effectiveness and long life.The light bulb of DIDON LED small projector has an effective life of 20,000 hours. You can use it for more than 10 years according to 8 hours per day without worrying about replacing one light bulb every few months.

2. Energy-saving, environmental protection, and economy, power of the whole machine < 40W.The average power consumption of traditional HID projectors or DLP projectors is about 250 watts. DIDONLED small projector, power consumption is less than 40 watts. You will no longer pollute the environment by discarding mercury-containing bulbs and save about 60% of your electricity consumption. With less energy consumption and no need to change the light bulb, using this projector can not only realize your dream of environmental protection but also be more economical.

3. Shanghai DIDON Industrial Co., Ltd. exclusively uses the company's patented high-light film lens, the imaging clarity is much higher than the ordinary three-piece lens of the LED projector. Compared with the 60mm 3-piece glass lens used by other brands of LED projectors, there is a huge difference.

4. Patented fully enclosed optical engine, no matter from any point of view of the optical machine, can not see the phenomenon of light leakage. Only in this way can we call it a real fully enclosed optical engine. Cooperate with patented heat pipe heat dissipation technology to truly achieve dust-free.

5. Ultra-high brightness, several times more than the domestic equivalent projector, over 98% of the ultra-high image uniformity, even in the corner of the image, also clear and bright. Whether you are at home, in business or in teaching, you can also relax. Whether you turn on the lights in the daytime, night or evening, you can handle it calmly.

These are the advantages of the multimedia projector of Shanghai DIDON Industrial Co., Ltd., so come and buy it.

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