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What Are the Advantages of Commercial Laser Projectors?

What Are the Advantages of Commercial Laser Projectors?

Laser projector in education, engineering, home market has been well received. Here are a few advantages of laser projector in the business market.

Advantage 1: long life and low cost of light source
The commercial laser projector is naturally long-lived, with a light source life of up to 20000 hours. The service life of traditional projector bulb is about 5000 hours. Once the bulb reaches the service life, there are two options, one is to replace the projector, the other is to replace the built-in bulb, both of which will cost considerable labor and material costs. And the laser projector can do the job of four traditional projectors, which greatly reduces the frequency of machine change. In terms of long-term cost, the price of the laser projector is worth it.

Advantage 2: slow light attenuation which is budget saving
At the same time, the light source attenuation of commercial laser projector is slower. The projector will face the problem of light source attenuation after long-term use. In short, the aging of light source will cause the brightness and color of the picture to decrease. It is necessary to change the light source to make the projection picture "return to youth". The low attenuation characteristics of laser light source can save enterprise users from the trouble of replacing the light source, and also save a lot of consumables and maintenance costs.

Advantage 3: high dustproof, less maintenance
The commercial laser projector is fully considered by the users, so that it can be carefully dustproof from inside to outside. High dust-proof can reduce the impact of dust on the projection effect, reduce the number of maintenance, reduce maintenance costs, save time, money and worry for users, which is the best choice for enterprises to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

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