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Advantages of Laser Light Source Projector

Advantages of Laser Light Source Projector
Laser projector is a type of projector that uses solid-state laser light source. There are three main types of common projector light sources, including bulbs, LEDs, and lasers.

Bulb light sources include metal halogen lamps, ultra-high pressure mercury lamps, UHE lamps and UHP lamps. The price of metal halogen lamps is low. It has a short life, generally no more than 2000 hours. And after 1000 hours of use, the brightness of the metal halogen lamp's bulb will be reduced by almost half, and it has now been eliminated.

The price of UHE lamps is moderate. It belongs to a kind of ultra-high-pressure mercury lamp, and its general life span is about 4000 hours. It is generally used in low-end projectors, and the brightness will not be attenuated too much after long-term use, and the performance is relatively smooth.

The UHP lamp, which is also an ultra-high pressure mercury lamp, is a little higher in price, but it has high brightness and long service life, and is mostly used in higher-end projection products.

Compared with traditional light source, the biggest advantage of LED projector is its durability. The life span of LED light source is more than 20,000 hours. The main significance of the emergence of LED lights is to open up a new path for the miniaturization of the fuselage.

Starting in 2018, HLD light sources appeared on the market. By improving the luminous efficiency of the green part of the LED, the purpose of improving the overall brightness is achieved. The brightness of HLD is currently 3000 lumens. HLD is actually a bright LED. Although the LED light source and the laser light source have a long life, the brightness of the LED light source is completely inferior to that of the laser light source.

Laser light source is completely different from bulb light source and LED light source. First of all, the color of the laser is very pure, and its monochromaticity is more than 10 times higher than that of ordinary light sources. This makes the projection equipment of the laser light source far more powerful than the light source of the light bulb in terms of color performance, and has strong stability. After long-term use, the image quality of the laser light source will also maintain high brightness, color saturation and contrast, and the color of the picture is consistent.

The laser is excellent in brightness. By increasing the number of lasers, the luminous flux of a single laser projector can easily reach 10000-50000 lumens or even higher, and the service life of its light source is still very high. The use of laser can realize that the projection equipment does not need to change the light source during the service life. The only disadvantage of laser light source is that it is expensive.

All of our DHN projectors use laser light sources. At present, the latest laser light source technology is called Multi-Colour Laser (MCL) Technology. DW370ST uses this light source technology.

Advantages of Laser Light Source ProjectorAdvantages of Laser Light Source ProjectorAdvantages of Laser Light Source Projector

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