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Advantages of Multimedia Interactive Projection Technology

Advantages of Multimedia Interactive Projection Technology
Multimedia immersive projection system uses advanced computer vision technology and projection display technology to create a fantastic and dynamic interactive experience. The system can produce various special effect images, so that the audience can be in it, participate in the interaction, full of fun. When the user enters the projection image range, the user can directly use both feet or hands to interact with the virtual scene on the projection screen, and various interactive effects will change with the movement of the limbs. It will enter a fantastic world of virtual and real fusion, which is also true and fantastic.

The immersive projection system is a refreshing special effect display, suitable for science and technology museums and various exhibition halls or entrances, to set off the display atmosphere. There are many types of special effects, which can produce unique thematic effects according to different requirements.

The immersive projection system can be used in all new forms of interactive advertising entertainment in public places to attract audiences with novelty and entertainment. The system provides a real-time dynamic combination of participants and image display, and the image changes synchronously with audience participation.

The immersive projection system is easy to use, concise and time-effective: interactive content can be programmed according to the application situation and the effect of customer needs, and update content is convenient; projection image area can be expanded to any size required. Different interactive content can be set according to the need to enhance the entertainment effect. The area and shape of the projection area can be created according to the display effect. Easy to install and deploy: Easy to install, disassemble, assemble and transport, suitable for both long-term exhibitions and short-term exhibitions.

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