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After Watching This, Do You Think You Bought a Fake Projector

After Watching This, Do You Think You Bought a Fake Projector
If your understanding of the projector is still only a few years ago, in front of the leadership of the customer before talking about PPT, then you are behind the times, projector in the intelligent hardware level of the upgrade has made it beyond the television.

Yes, in an age when phones and computers can do everything, television is no longer a necessity. When you want to use big screen to lead addiction but then discover the effect of the television is not quite enough, let alone facing TV , which only can be seen in a certain position at home, it still need to  look for helper when moving! Come to think of it, or buy a laser video projector is more convenient and practical.

But is that enough of a reason to buy a projector? Of course not! We can hold a family movie night every week for our family after we buy a projector, which is absolutely the best chance to pick a movie for the happy time between parents and children.The chance of choosing movie must be children's. When you want to watch a mobile phone video, without saying anything and just connect it to the USB, then it can be played  directly, you can also look at the phone in the process of charging it,  is it real ? Technology changes life, it can also conveniently protect the child's eyes.

Some customers recommend flat-screen TVS with integrated TV boxes and portable hard drives. The most popular function for everyone is that the content in the mobile phone can be directly put on the wall to watch, it is very convenient to record some small video in class to review the children's growth, small video can be directly pushed to the screen TV, the whole family often watch together happily.

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