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Application and Advantage of Full HD Laser Projector

Application and Advantage of Full HD Laser Projector
With the emergence of projectors and screen-less TV, they do not only consider the cost when users build their own home cinemas, but also pay more attention to the application experience and convenience, and pay more attention to the life, safety, environmental protection and convenience of projectors. At this time, the laser light source came into being. It has no trouble of changing the light bulb, long service life, easy maintenance, and a wider color gamut of the laser light source, which can achieve more diverse color performance.

Laser light source is a new generation of cold light source, which can provide higher light flux. And it can maintain high brightness, color saturation and contrast for a long time, the picture color is always bright as new, providing 7 days/24 hours of uninterrupted use, and supporting 360 degrees perspective operation.

As a full HD laser projection ceremony, the home cinema machine must pinch the color and restore the performance accurately. The color of the picture is vivid and unbiased. The machine supports trapezoidal correction of vertical positive and negative 20. On the basis of ultra-short focal length, it can also adjust the screen more conveniently so that it can project the best effect, presenting a full HD picture quality. When used to play movies, static display seems to be a subsidiary function. In fact, static display can also see the performance of a machine, such as whether the picture you see is close to the real scene you see, and whether the color presentation is deviated from the true color.

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