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Application of Projector for Restaurant

Application of Projector for Restaurant
At present, many catering enterprises have begun to shape their own holographic viewing restaurants, such as the well-known "Haidilao Smart Restaurant", which is a special new restaurant with the visual effect of "light and shadow immersion" and intelligent services. Once it is listed, it will attract the media to compete for reports.

What is the light andshadow holographic restaurant? Light and shadow holographic restaurant is a restaurant environment with holographic effect created by projection equipment, image processing equipment, induction equipment and other hardware, combined with the required video content and interactive software. The restaurant based on this method is called light and shadow holographic restaurant.

What will the light and shadow holographic restaurant look like? Light and shadow holographic restaurant is mainly composed of three parts: "environmental atmosphere building", "immersive scene building" and "artistic light and shadow desktop". At the same time, some interactive contents can be customized according to the requirements of the scene to add more fun to the process of dining.

What are the advantages of such a restaurant?
1. With its own network celebrity flow attribute, it causes customers to promote themselves. In today's catering homogenization, it is totally different from others!
2. The environment can be changed at will, from the underwater world to the ends of the earth, from the rural rice fragrance to the universe star, facing different environments and experience different feelings.
3. Highlighting the strength of the brand, technology is the strongest driving force for the brand, and digital media is also the most powerful force to spread catering culture.
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