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Application of Wall Immersive Projection System

Application of Wall Immersive Projection System

The immersive projection system uses advanced computer vision technology and projection display technology to create a fantastic and dynamic interactive experience. The interactive technology used in this system has a leading position in the world, with high novelty and ornamentality. It can play a very good role in activating the atmosphere of the exhibition hall, increasing the content of exhibition technology, and improving the popularity of the exhibition site.

Application direction:

Exhibition halls, exhibitions, science and technology halls, planning halls, museums, enterprise exhibition halls and many other perennial exhibition halls, bars, discos, Internet cafes, KTV entertainment venues, new product launches, promotional activities, stages, wedding ceremonies, as well as offices, performance venues, plazas and other places that traditional multimedia technology can not achieve.

The wall immersive projection system captures and photographs the target image by capturing equipment, and then analyses the image analysis system to produce the action of the captured object. This action data combines with real-time image interaction system, which makes the interaction effect between the participants and the screen closely integrated. The super-large back-projection screen is converted into a super touch screen. Users can not only see high-quality projected images, but also touch the glass surface with their fingers, select the content they are interested in, or act as interactive games with super-large screens.

Players can simply control games and animations in direct projection through physical activity. Players can paddle and catch fish on virtual water as if they were at the bottom of the sea. There are also a variety of puzzle games, such as Ottoman playing monsters, crystal ball changing, eliminating monsters, cutting fruits and so on, to develop children's brains! Bring unexpected technological highlights to shopping malls or public places.

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