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Can Laser Projectors be the Future Trend?

Can Laser Projectors be the Future Trend?
Projectors have gradually begun to use lasers as light sources, which was once a scene in science fiction movies. Now, they are bringing better screen effects to people. Despite the quality of the picture, the laser emitter has a longer life than the traditional light bulb, and it is not easy to break, so it can be used immediately. With these considerations in mind, laser emitters may become the future of frontal projection technology.

The projector can bring users the largest and most immersive picture. Of course, you can buy a 70-inch TV now, but at home, the projection screen can easily reach the effect of the 100 inches or even larger, and the impact is self-evident compared with television. The size of the screen is probably the main reason why people are willing to pay for movies.

Although the above laser projection equipment sounds futuristic, the laser projector is not much different from the traditional projector in reality. For projectors, the biggest task is to generate light. Laser projector suppliers usually grasp this feature, and then manipulate light to form images on the screen. For laser projectors, the biggest difference is that the devices that produce light are different.

Essentially, the laser responsible for producing red, green and blue light is in a "defocus" state, filling the entire DLP, LCOS or LCD chip without scanning the chip. From a certain point of view, "laser projector" and "LED TV" in the name will give a certain degree of misunderstanding. Both terms are used to describe the technology of producing light, not the technology of creating images. One is laser, but the other is light emitting diode. By contrast, "DLP projector" and "LCD TV" are more accurate.

Lasers are mainly used to replace UHP, hernia lamps and other forms of light bulbs on traditional projectors. Does that sound a little bit realistic? But it's still cool.

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