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Cautions for Use of Outdoor Advertising Projector

Cautions for Use of Outdoor Advertising Projector

In the application of outdoor advertising projector, the complexity of the system and the difficulty of installation and construction should be considered as the main factors. Compared with other outdoor display systems, the projection display system is flexible in installation, relatively simple in composition, and has strong flexibility. It can be projected on both curved and uneven surfaces. At the same time, the imaging area of the building is generally large, and the projection can be used to create any size. For the display of super large screen, the projection display system has irreplaceable advantages.

Image carrier is one of the most important factors for every outdoor advertising projector project. Usually light surface material can reflect more projection light, making the projection picture brighter and clearer. Dark material has too much light loss and poor imaging.

A successful outdoor advertising projector project must attract audiences through digital content. Using the most intuitive way shows the intention and purpose of propaganda. For example, the huge brand logo can make people see at a glance, combined with the broadcast of image promotional films quickly, which can form people's memory points.

After we have determined the position of the projection screen, we need to find the appropriate location of the projector installation. We can use the existing building roof as the installation location of the outdoor advertising projector, so that the projection display products can make the best use of the existing building structure, highlighting the flexibility of system installation more.

At the same time, in order to achieve a clearer display effect, the projector uses the vertical placement method to increase the resolution of the display screen, making the screen larger and the display content more delicate. The lifting operation of projector by using ring bolts provides great convenience for construction integration.

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