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Characteristics of Virtual Reality Projector

Characteristics of Virtual Reality Projector

Virtual reality projector uses computer to simulate the real scene, making participants get the same feeling as reality, so the most remarkable point is that it is generated by computer. VR is a comprehensive integration technology, involving computer graphics, human-computer interaction technology, sensor technology, artificial intelligence and other fields.

Basic Characteristics of Virtual Reality Projector

1) Multi-Sensory

The so-called multi-sensory refers to not only the visual perception of general computer technology, but also auditory perception, force perception, tactile perception, motion perception, even including taste perception, olfactory perception and so on. The ideal virtual reality technology should have the all perception function of people.

2) Immersion

It is also known as the sense of presence, which refers to the degree of authenticity that users feel as protagonists in the simulated environment. Ideal simulation environment should make it difficult for users to distinguish between true and false, and let users devote themselves to the three-dimensional virtual environment created by computers. Everything in this environment looks real, sounds real, moves real, even smells and tastes real, which is all like in the real world.

3) Interactivity

It refers to the user's maneuverability of the object in the simulated environment and the natural degree of feedback from the environment (including real-time). For example, users can directly grasp virtual objects in the simulated environment by hand. At this time, the hand has the feeling of holding something, and they can feel the weight of the object. The object caught in the field of vision can also immediately move with the movement of the hand.

4) Imagination

It is emphasized that the picture seen in the virtual reality projector should have a wide imaginable space, which can broaden the scope of human cognition. It not only reproduces the real environment, but also arbitrarily conceive the environment that does not exist objectively or is even impossible to occur.

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