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Choice and Layout Advice for Home Video Projector

Choice and Layout Advice for Home Video Projector
The most obvious advantage of video projector is large, seeing a movie or watching balls in a hundred inches of screen is enjoyable, high color reduction and less eye irritation are the second. If you are confusing about whether to buy a video projector or a TV, ask yourselves whether you watch more TV shows or movies, every family has different choice. If you always watch TV, you had better buy TV, it is not necessary to buy a hundred inches screen to watch shows, if there are old people in your family, TV is more convenient with easy operation. For children, there is no big difference between them, it depends on how long they take to watch. Of course, you can buy both of them if you are willing to spend extra thousands of RMB.

About projection, actually we are talking about family cinema, it not only about a projector, it includes many things, such as playing equipment(blue-ray machine, HD player, DVD and computer), a stereo, power amplifier, screen and various wire. So it will cost much money if you want to get them with high quality.

Now there is an intelligent video projector, it includes player, stereo and  power amplifier, you just need a screen to watch movies, as for its effect, it depends yourselves, everybody has his own requirement, the right one is the best, it is not realistic to pursue hundreds of thousands of effect by spending thousands of RMB. You had better to experience the effect in as store. However, intelligent video projector has its outstanding advantage that is convenience, it is operated like intelligent TV with a screen.

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