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Choose Project Projection Do Not Just Look at The Brightness

Choose Project Projection Do Not Just Look at The Brightness

The penetration rate of laser projection is higher and higher. For the professional market, laser projection is the best choice. However, many people are not clear about the standard of choosing laser projection. It is not comprehensive to only pay attention to brightness. In fact, heat dissipation is an important performance of laser projection, which plays an important role in maintaining the life and stability of projection.

When electric energy is converted into light energy, a lot of heat will accompany it. The problem of projection heat dissipation is more prominent, because no matter the traditional bulb light source or the new laser light source, the efficiency of converting electric energy into light energy is not high, so a lot of electric energy is converted into heat energy.

The heating system of the projector is not in good condition. It may only be blocked by some dust. The heat accumulated inside is the instability of the bulb. For high-end project projectors, heat dissipation is a performance that can not be ignored. We also need to know that many project projectors are used in a harsh environment.

Project projectors are very high brightness, 30000 to 50000 lumens of brightness, the heat generated is unimaginable. The heat of the project projector is amazing, and the display chip also has to bear a lot of pressure. On the high-end project projector, there is also a set of separate heat dissipation system at the back of various display chips to ensure stable operation and extend the service life of the chips.

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