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Classification, Characteristics And Application Analysis Of Immersive Interactive Projection

Classification, Characteristics And Application Analysis Of Immersive Interactive Projection
Immersive interactive projection has attracted much attention in recent years and our company, DHN, is very sophisticated in this field. As a new way of projection, as a product of high-tech innovation, it surrounds the audience from all levels and can fully cover the perspective of the audience, to achieve an immersive sense of experience and it has been applied in more and more fields.

1. The principle of immersive interactive projection
The principle of immersive projection is to use the projector to project the picture onto a large or multi-sided projection screen, and then with the help of multi-channel projection fusion technology to make the picture show a better effect.
The system can provide a room-size four-sided (or six-sided) cube projection display space, combined with the sound system and action acquisition system to create an immersive three-dimensional audio-visual interactive experience.

2. The characteristic of immersive interactive projection
All participants were completely immersed in an advanced virtual simulation environment surrounded by stereoscopic projection images (usually left, middle, right, upper and lower five sets of images) to obtain an immersive three-dimensional audio-visual image and interactive feeling.

Classification of immersive Interactive projection

(1) L-shaped folding projection

L-shaped folding projection

The L-shaped folding screen projection is usually composed of two screens or directly with the help of the wall and the ground, and through two projectors and projection fusion technology to create a seamless and complete picture, the L-shaped folding screen projection does not need the help of equipment to feel the three-dimensional image, more immersive experience.

(2) Tentorial projection

Tentorial projection

The Tentorial projection is a kind of novel special-shaped projection method, its biggest characteristic is that the projection screen uses the ceiling above our head can also use the LED splicing screen instead of the ceiling, giving people a shocking visual sense.
The Tentorial projection usually uses multiple projectors and uses the projection fusion technology to realize the seamless splicing of the picture, accompanied by the three-dimensional sound effect to create an immersive viewing environment.

(3) CAVE immersion projection
CAVE immersion projection usually refers to the projection of the projection image onto a large or multi-sided projection screen through multi-channel projection fusion technology, so that the audience has a sense of exposure to the film.

Immersive projection surrounds the audience from all levels, can fully cover the perspective of the audience, immersive immersion can not be achieved by ordinary projection, has been used in more and more fields.

Application site of immersive interactive projection

Immersive projection widely used in high requirements for spatial sense and visual effects like technology museum, multimedia exhibition hall, real estate exhibition hall, multi-function conference room, command center, architectural display, interior decoration, equipment structure research, simulation training, scientific research, restaurant, KTV and so on.

The difference between immersive projection and ordinary large screen projection

(1) Complete picture
Immersion projection uses multiple projectors to project the picture, and through the projection fusion software to make the projection picture more complete, larger size, bring a stronger sense of visual impact.
(2) High resolution
The characteristic of multiple projectors is that each projector projects a part of the picture, and the resolution does not become smaller because of the size of the picture, so the quality of the picture is still very clear.
(3) Strong sense of hierarchy in
After using the edge fusion technology, the brightness and resolution of the picture are improved, so the hierarchical sense of the whole picture becomes stronger.
(4) Immersive interactive experience
The omni-directional feeling picture and the sound effect let the audience experience the viewing feeling of the body.
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