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Common Failures and Cleaning Precautions of Projector Color Wheel

Common Failures and Cleaning Precautions of Projector Color Wheel

1. The speed is not synchronous or does not rotate

① The problem of projector color wheel itself (color change wheel);
② Color wheel sensor circuit;
③ Poor color wheel drive (detection and replacement);
Generally, it is the first and second reasons at most, and there is a certain proportion of reasons from the bulb itself.

2. The noise is loud

The rotation speed of projector color wheel is generally 6000 RPM. The smaller the fuselage of the projector, the more noise the color wheel makes, and the abnormal sound of the color wheel is generally harsh, even resulting in image abnormalities; It’s better to get a professional projector maintenance site or go directly to the brand maintenance point to deal with it, because if it’s difficult to deal with it by yourself, the color wheel is small, and the rotating bearing is small, which is not easy to deal with, and the internal circuit is also more complex.

3. The projection screen flickers, changes color and turns off automatically

The color wheel is the meeting point of the light path at the bulb port of the projector. The temperature here is as high as 8-90 degrees. After a long time, the color wheel will age quickly, and there will be a stroboscopic picture with asynchronous rotation speed, or the phenomenon of automatic shutdown. The solution is to remove the color wheel and clean it.

Precautions for cleaning projector color wheel:

When cleaning the color wheel of DLP projector, the user needs to pay attention that the action must be light, try to use the blow ball to clean the lens, and also pay attention to avoid the impact of strong airflow on the color wheel, so as to avoid the deformation of the color wheel, let alone the touching cleaning method.
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