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Consider Replacing the TV With a Projector, 1080P or 4K

Consider Replacing the TV With a Projector, 1080P or 4K
As an indispensable role in smart home,OTT big screen industry started from 2010, and developed from 7 licensees to a large number of video service platform intelligent TV OTT box manufacturers. It is said that it has reached the scale of 100 million terminal users and 300 million users.

If you are planning to move to new house and considering replacing TV with projector, will you choose hd 1080p or 4k? First of all, with the current technology, it is no problem to choose a 1080P or a 4K machine for most of the scenarios using projection instead of TV. It depends on your budget and the scenarios. At present, the price of 4K projection is still slightly higher than 1080P. When the viewing distance reaches over 3.5 meters, 1080P and 4K machines can also play 1080p blu-ray original disk resources, its difference in definition can be almost ignored.

However, some people say that the market is in the replacement period at present. Although a large number of new 4K models have been launched, the technology is still immature, especially in terms of HDR and color gamut coverage. Due to the 4K era is not only the improvement of resolution, but also the implementation of HDR and the coverage of dci-p3 color gamut, the current machines are rarely good except for the high-end, I believe these models are also beyond your budget. Wait is also a method, perhaps you can make a transition with a few thousand yuan first, the popularity model household machine that predicts 10 thousand yuan head after two years should be able to achieve mainstream performance in these two respects.

For the most rudimental digital video projector, 4k is much stronger than hd 1080p. The difference from 100inches screen is obvious. Besides, if the budget allows, the projector is best able to support HDR10 and dynamic compensation.

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