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Deep Analysis of the Difference between Laser TV and Laser Household Projector

Deep Analysis of the Difference between Laser TV and Laser Household Projector
Technically, there are many similarities between laser TV and laser home projector. But in essence, the former belongs to the family entertainment center, while the latter only belongs to a part of the whole video system. This is because laser video projector not only has the function of projection display, but also integrates many functions into one. Users can also build a small world of entertainment without the need for other devices. Laser home projector needs to be equipped with projection screen, AV amplifier, home theater speaker system and various signal source equipment to truly constitute a complete solution of large picture multi-channel audio entertainment.

One of the difficulties in the application of laser video projector in family environment is that it needs a certain distance to complete the installation. It can not be installed in TV cabinet or wall-mounted directly like large flat panel TV. At the same time, because of the long distance from the lens to the screen, it is easy to be affected by environmental light, which dilutes the color and details of the picture. Therefore, it is not easy to use a home projector in the living room environment. It not only considers the relationship between the installation distance and the size of projection screen, but also pays attention to the shading treatment of the environment to minimize the impact of external light on the screen. Laser TV projects a large picture about 100 inches by means of ultra-short focus lens. It only needs to place the host on the TV cabinet. After matching with anti-light screen, it can show first-class color and details in the light environment of the common living room.

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