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DHN Advertising Release System

DHN Advertising Release System
DHN advertising release system is a new concept, but this new system resolves many troubles in the advertising industry.

This system makes use of the network, and controls the projector and other display devices through the intelligent playback terminal DR3368 to release professional multimedia audio-visual advertisements for specific time periods, physical places and specific groups of people. Therefore, the polyhedral advertising system is more suitable for shopping malls, underground garages, restaurants, airports, high-speed railway stations, hotels and other places.

DHN Advertising Release System

The system has the following advantages:

1. Large projection screen: 0.5 m can achieve a large screen of 100 inches, the size of the projection screen is freely selected.
2. High definition large screen: support full HD resolution, clear picture.
3. Remote control: terminal monitoring and management, remote restart, real-time screen capture, dynamic acquisition of each terminal working state.
4. Release content to achieve centralized management: the remote multi-city terminal equipment for centralized management and unified release of the program, support the device timing switch machine to play the specified content, truly unmanned management.
5. Various forms of advertising: the DHN advertising publishing system supports text, video and picture ads, which can be displayed on multiple screens, split screens, scrolling and at regular intervals.
6. Support a variety of advertising playback methods: advertising playback support rotation, interleaved, interactive three ways to play.
7. Flexible installation: DHN advertising publishing system with innovative projector design supports desktop and hoisting forward/back projection installation and flexible installation according to different advertising scenarios.
8. Long service life: DHN advertising system, whose projector is based on laser light source, has a service life more than 20,000 hours.
9. Energy saving and environmental protection: the DHN advertising system adopts a new laser light source for its projector. Compared with the gaseous light source of traditional ultra-high pressure mercury lamps, the projector consumes less energy and has higher brightness. It is currently the latest green energy-saving light source.

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