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DHN's Solution to the Application of Projection Restaurant

DHN's Solution to the Application of Projection Restaurant
DHN is Discover the High-definition and Natural World.

DHN brand belongs to Shanghai Didong Industrial Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Didong Industrial Co., Ltd. (DIDON) is a high-tech enterprise which integrates laser display projection, high-end video processor production, and research. For a long time, in order to make life better, Didong persevered in studying new technology, putting forward various new ideas and methods, endowing products with updated functions and applications, and using practical actions to promote innovation in entertainment, catering, cultural media, exhibition, advertising, decoration, science and education and many other fields.

The application solution of DHN laser display projector in the catering industry will be elaborated systematically in the following aspects:

(1) Why do you want to do a DHN projection restaurant?
(2) How to do the DHN projection restaurant;
(3) DHN projection restaurant value performance;
(4) Projection restaurant, why choose DHN brand?

With the continuous upgrading of people's consumption concept and the pursuit of quality of life, people are increasingly pursuing some popular consumption and face consumption. When consumers choose to consume in a restaurant, they may no longer be satisfied with simply filling their stomachs. They will think more about what this restaurant can bring to me besides bringing me good food. High-quality service, first-class environment, multi-functional experience way... These also seem to be necessary options, and most of the traditional restaurants on the market cannot meet this demand of consumers, so a new restaurant - Laser Projection Restaurant began to flourish in the past two years.

1. Why do you want to make a DHN projection restaurant?

Restaurants have been a place to provide food for consumers since ancient times, but with the change of people's lifestyle and the improvement of consumer demand, people began to pursue a "multi-functional restaurant" which integrates leisure, entertainment, and negotiation. The traditional restaurants with a single function on the market also began to expose its drawbacks gradually:

(1) Brand competitiveness is not strong
Consumers passively accept the brand concept of traditional restaurants in various forms such as an advertisement, signboard, pattern design, etc., but they usually fail to understand or ignore the essence of the brand. This leads to the difficulty of forming a loyalty of customers in many restaurants with similar content. It is a cumulative process to build a strong brand, which requires brand concept and brand content. Deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, we need to have our own bright spots to support, through continuous improvement and precipitation, we can finally become a strong brand.

(2) Food culture cannot be embodied
Most restaurants on the market have uniform dress, tables, and chairs, decoration style and services, etc., but through these unified design, consumers can hardly feel a different personality and cultural connotation of different restaurants; a brand culture should constantly meet the physiological and psychological needs of customers, only in this way can the brand be more vitality.

(3) Single function and no characteristic
Many restaurants only pay attention to the requirements of dishes, lack of other unique highlights of the brand itself, which leads to serious homogeneity of products and product content between different restaurants, only focus on "product" rather than "brand", the role of the brand cannot be reflected.

(4) The high rate of guest turnover
Most restaurants on the market have single functions and little difference in positioning between restaurants and restaurants, which makes it difficult for customers to form loyalty to the brand. In this way, in the later development process of enterprises, the loss rate of customers will increase greatly, thus bringing huge losses to the development of enterprises.

(5) The process of transforming increment into stock leads to great competitive pressure.
Whatever method and means are adopted, the merchants hope to let consumers know their brand and consume through communication and display, so as to realize the full interaction between brand and consumer. In this process, a large number of favorites are cultivated. This is an incremental process, and then gradually transformed into loyal consumers of the brand. This is a process of stock. Without its own brand uniqueness, the stickiness of consumers is not high, and the pressure in the process of transformation is very great.

(6) The high cost of drainage
Car stickers, light boxes, platform advertisements, newspapers, television walls, discount promotions... These traditional drainage methods are lack of novelty. Most of the customers are attracted by one-time. If you want to attract more customers, you need to repeat the operation constantly. The cost of money and labor is very high.

In view of the drawbacks of traditional restaurants, people have given a new definition of restaurants - "projection restaurant". Projection restaurant is a new sensory restaurant by means of projection and intelligent interaction. It upgrades the single taste experience of the traditional restaurant to a full range of sensory experiences such as touch, vision, and taste. While enjoying delicious food, customers can also immerse themselves in the pleasure of "theme", carry out a variety of intelligent interaction, and enjoy the novelty and shock brought by high technology. So what are the benefits of building a projection restaurant?

2. Enhancing the Interaction between Customers

With the development of science and technology and network, more and more people become a member of the "bowing group". Even at dinners and banquets, people are only addicted to brushing their mobile phones, ignoring the interaction and communication with family members and peers, and at the same time, they are not interested in the surrounding environment. The projection restaurant uses advanced projection technology to make some interesting and interactive pictures on the desktop, tea bowls or tables to form an ordering system. When consumers see these, it is easy to have more communication and interaction with their families and peers. Besides enjoying the delicious food, they also achieve the goal of strengthening their feelings by dining together.

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