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What's the Difference Between a Laser Projector and an Ordinary Projector?

What's the Difference Between a Laser Projector and an Ordinary Projector?
At present, there are a lot of home theater products on the market. The businesses confuse the concept of ordinary projector and laser projector with the name of home theater. If the consumers can not distinguish clearly, they are not clear about the difference between them, and they are easy to be induced by the businessmen to buy inappropriate products. As a laser projector manufacturer, now it is simple for you to analyze the difference between laser projector and ordinary projector in terms of technical composition.

1. First of all, the biggest difference between the two is in the light source. The laser projector uses solid-state laser as the light source, while the traditional projector and most of them use ultra-high pressure mercury lamp. The life of the two are also different. The life of the laser light source can reach more than 20000 hours, which can be used for 8.5 years in 8 hours a day. The life of the general projector is generally 5000 hours, Generally, it is used for about 2 years, which also leads to the high cost of laser light source itself, large one-time input cost, but the subsequent replacement cost is small, while the bulb is just the opposite;

2. The common projection uses the principle of LCD projection, and the image is still displayed on the existing panel, only by stronger light source and lens to project the picture on the screen; while the laser projector uses DLP projection, its principle is to use a lot of small mirrors, each of which controls the angle of light line to achieve different strength control, and the emitted light is hit on the screen through the lens to form a picture Image;

3. Due to the limitation of projection distance and principle, general projectors have relatively high requirements for space, requiring a larger indoor environment and projection distance; while laser projectors, on the contrary, adopt reflective short focus projection, so they can project a large picture of more than 100 inches at a distance of half a meter;

4. The traditional projector has a long projection distance and needs a good screen. However, the principle of diffuse reflection can avoid the direct reflection of strong projection light, so the performance of anti light is weak. And the laser projection based on the principle of reflecting intersecting projection can shorten the projection distance, and has higher brightness and stronger anti light performance.

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