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Difference between Laser Projector and General Projector

Difference between Laser Projector and General Projector
At present, there are a lot of home theater products on the market. Businessmen, in the name of home theater, confuse the concepts of the ordinary projector and a full HD laser projector. Consumers are unclear about the difference between the two, so they are easy to fall into the guidance of businessmen and buy inappropriate products. So what's the difference between full HD laser projector and ordinary projector? This paper briefly analyses the differences in technical composition between the two.

1. First of all, the biggest difference between the two is the light source. Full HD laser projector uses the solid-state laser as light source, while traditional projectors and most of them use ultra-high pressure mercury lamp. The lifetime of the laser source is also different. The lifetime of the laser source can reach more than 20,000 hours, which can be used for 8.5 years in 8 hours a day. Generally, the projector has a life of 5000 hours and is usually used for about 2 years. This also leads to the high cost of the laser source itself and the high cost of one-time investment, but the cost of subsequent replacement is smaller, while the bulb is just the opposite.

2. The principle of LCD projection is used in general projection. The image is still displayed on the panel, but the screen is projected onto the curtain through a stronger light source and lens. The principle of Full HD laser projector is that it uses many small mirrors, each of which controls the angle of light to achieve different intensity control. Light from the lens hits the curtain to form an image.

3. Projection distance, the principle of limited guidance for the general projector for space requirements are relatively high, need a larger indoor environment and projection distance. On the contrary, the laser uses reflective short-focus projection, so it can project more than 100 inches of the large picture at a distance of half a meter.

4. The traditional projector has a long projection distance, which needs a good screen and mostly uses the principle of diffuse reflection. Therefore, it has a weak performance in light resistance. The laser projection based on the principle of reflective cross-section projection can shorten the projection distance and has higher brightness and stronger anti-light performance.

The above is a description of the difference between full HD laser projector and an ordinary projector. I hope it can help you.

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