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Digital Age: Joy and Worry of Elevator Advertising

Digital Age: Joy and Worry of Elevator Advertising
In the era of rapid development of Internet technology, elevator passengers' demand for flexible elevator advertising stimulates the germination and development of digital elevator advertising.

Digital elevator advertising can be divided into two main categories. One is to use digital TV as the main carrier and install digital TV in the elevator to broadcast advertisers' video advertisements circularly. It represents the enterprises with the focus media and the new media. The other is to use laser advertising projector as advertising promotion carrier. The optimized short focal length projector is installed in the elevator, and film is attached on the door of the elevator to achieve the effect of video advertisement. It represents that the enterprise has no media, buildings and media.

For the traditional poster elevator advertisement, the digital elevator advertisement based on video has stronger visual impact. High frequency picture replacement can effectively alleviate the aesthetic fatigue of passengers in the elevator. And the traditional poster elevator digitization can save a lot of elevator space for the property, realize the function of promotion for more advertisers, and expand the income of elevator property company in the elevator advertising field.

With the continuous development of Internet technology, elevator advertisement has also been given digital function. Digital advertisement information makes elevator riders farewell to the single advertisement content of traditional posters.

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