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DLP Big Screen Edge Blending Technology Adds Several Features to the Picture Hierarchy

DLP Big Screen Edge Blending Technology Adds Several Features to the Picture Hierarchy

1. Increase the level of the Picture

Because the edge blending technology is adopted, the resolution and brightness of the picture are enhanced, and the projection screen with high quality can make the whole display system greatly enhance the sense of hierarchy and expressiveness of the picture.

2. Increase the image size, picture integrity

The size of the picture is larger than that of a single projector. Bright and beautiful picture, can bring people extraordinary visual impact, in addition, the use of seamless edge fusion technology stitching into the picture, to a large extent to ensure the perfection of the picture and color consistency.

3. Increase resolution

Each projector projects a portion of the entire image, resulting in a higher resolution image. For example, the physical resolution of one projector is 800x600, and the resolution of the image becomes 2000x600 after the fusion of three projectors with 25%.

4. Ultra high resolution

With the use of image processors and computers with multi-channel high-resolution output, a composite image of three or more channels at 1600x1200 pixels per channel can be produced. If you fuse 25% of the pixels, you can produce a 4000x1200 resolution image by subtracting the extra overlapping pixels. There are no stand-alone displays on the market that can operate at such high resolution. The solution is to use a projector matrix, where each projector operates at its maximum resolution, and the resulting resolution is the sum of the pixels subtracted from the overlapping areas.

5. Shortening of projection distance

With the appearance of DLP seamless splicing, the reduction of projection distance becomes inevitable. 200 inches (4000 x3000mm), for example, the original screen, if requirements are not physical and optical flat-fell seam, we will only use a projector, projection distance lens focal length x width screen, light Angle lens 1.2:1, we also want to 4.8 meters of the projection distance, now, we have adopted melting technology, the same picture without all kinds of sewing mark, we only need the distance of 2.4.

6. Projected onto a specially shaped screen

For example, in the cylindrical or spherical DLP large screen projection screen, a single projector projection distance will require far can cover the entire screen, and the combination of many sets of the projector can not only make the projection images larger projection distance shortened, and can make the small arc chord distance shortened as far as possible, for image resolution, brightness and aggregation effect is a better choice.
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