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Electronics and Table Brings New Experience

Electronics and Table Brings New Experience

With the development of the times and the progress of science and technology, people's ideas and appreciation level have been greatly improved. The sand table is also developing towards the direction of functional diversification, intelligence, art and humanity. The combination of the static model and multimedia touch screen interaction enables users to click on the touch screen to browse the special multimedia introduction and demonstration system. It gives the model more vivid connotation and better interprets the concept of the designer.

Electronic sand table Characteristic, Electronic sand tablet can integrate more design and fresh elements, meet the personalized needs of more customers, and update faster. Didong summarized the following features of the electronic sand table:

(1)the exhibition content is wide. The electronic sand table can fully reflect the characteristics of the display content with a simple and clear method

(2) exquisite design techniques. The whole exhibition process is unconventional, including innovation on traditional exhibition boards and interaction based on fully reflecting the achievements of modern high-tech; there is not only the largest domestic model with grand scenes but also dozens of small models with exquisite production and vertical layout;

(3), the advanced display means. A large number of high-tech display techniques are used to integrate modern visual effects such as sound, light, electricity, interactive projects, three-dimensional animation, film and television, and combine interest, interactivity and knowledge to integrate exhibition with music, so as to realize the "interactive revolution" with the audience

(4) the highest scientific and technological content. The electronic sand table is equipped with a central control system, including the overall control. The strong and weak electric systems such as hall lighting, lighting, computer, television, operation console and air conditioning operate automatically according to the pre-prepared operation procedures. From the power on to the parallel power off, there is no need for human control and automatic operation.

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