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Experience Tells You How Big The Gap Between Laser Video Projector 1080p And 720P Is!

Experience Tells You How Big The Gap Between Laser Video Projector 1080p And 720P Is!
I believe many friends will think about whether it is necessary to buy a laser video projector 1080p when buying a projector. Is it different from 720P? The differences between laser video projector 1080p resolution and 720P resolution are described in detail below.

First, the definitions of 720P and 1080P are different.

Definition of 720P: 720P is a display format with a resolution of 1280 x 720 under progressive scanning.

Definition of 1080P: 1080p is a video display format, a display format with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 under progressive scanning.

Although the resolution of 1080P and 720P is quite different, the difference is not very big in the small screen environment, especially for small family friends. In addition, there may be no difference between the two dynamic pictures, while the static pictures can be seen at a glance.

The projection of quasi 1080P is obtained by dithering the micromirror. The side effect is that the image produced by the projection at this resolution is not sharp enough and the picture is confused. From the contrast chart, we can see the difference between 1080P and 720P. In addition to resolution, brightness is also an important reason for the huge difference between the two. High resolution determines the resolution of the image, while luminance determines whether the pixels can be presented.

In summary, from today's projection market, laser video projector 1080p has become the standard of major household users. Therefore, in order to update infrequently in the future, it is recommended to buy 1080P resolution.

The above is about the two resolutions of projector 1080P and 720P. In this 4K era, 1080 has become the first choice. Therefore, the best choice for a capable friend is a laser video projector 1080p. New beginners can choose 720P as an experience, and the price is relatively affordable.

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