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Fosun Outer Wall's Light And Shadow Art: Shanghai Bund

Fosun Outer Wall's Light And Shadow Art: Shanghai Bund
Fosun group was founded in 1992, located in the Bund of Shanghai. DHN assisted Fosun group, located in Huangpu district of Shanghai, to create a very creative exterior wall for Fosun group and add more color to the prosperous Bund scenery.

Fosun Outer Wall’S Light And Shadow Art: Shanghai Bund

This project is a creative projection display on the exterior wall of Fosun group. This projector uses about 15 ultra short throw laser projectors. Combined with the beautiful film source, the project perfectly integrates the projection technology with the carrier and content with visual impact.

The 15 laser projectors are automatically fused into a 9m*6m image, with clear picture quality.  Even in the daytime, the display effect is still clear and gorgeous. DHN provides Fosun group with more possibilities for artistic interpretation of the exterior wall, truly realizing the perfect integration of digital technology and light and shadow art.

Fosun outer wall’s light and shadow art: Shanghai Bund

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