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In the past, when the laser projector has not been known to the public, both government and corporate conference rooms and large lecture halls mainly use the single projection.

But now, with the single projection no longer to meet the demands of the projection, for meeting the demands of the market, laser projector start to develop the higher brightness, multi-projection, multiform projection for the different propaganda objective.

In order to meet people's demand to large screen, DHN launches a variety of large screen solution. To improve the user experience, DHN has launches a fully automatic edge-blending platform. The advantage of the fully automatic edge-blending platform is that it can finish a 2-8 channel's edge blending. Two-channel can achieve the edge blending in 35 seconds with one click. At the same time, it can solve the fusion zone dislocation, large chromatic aberration problem, tedious adjustment process and so on.

The application of laser projector in government and enterprises is mainly in the government reporting office, business reporting hall, iShow- Electronic sand table, information release system, large screen edge blending projection, window glass showcase projection, arc projection, company exhibition center and so on. The projector is mainly used for the conference room, exhibition hall to promote the marketing, spread the corporate culture, disseminate the social values.  DHN has been exploring the requirements of the market for these years, and introducing the new products for enterprises and governments continuously.


Large screen projection can give viewers a more intuitive and clear visual experience. At the same time, circular and arc screen projection can also give the viewer the shock and immersive sense. On the one hand, it can spread the corporate image and value. On the other hand, it can also as the display of the corporate strength and channels of the corporate promotion.


With the transparency of digital information, the large screen edge blending projection scheme of DHN projector has been adopted by more and more of the government and other agencies. Information about a city can be well projected onto a sand table or 3D model to make the information clearer and more intuitive.

DHN is a professional laser projector manufacturer and supplier, we commit ourselves to provide advanced video processing technologies, solutions for projection display technology.

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