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Ground Projection Technique

Ground Projection Technique
Ground projection is a new way of projection and display, which uses high lumen projector to project images on the common ground. These images can be a common landscape such as a water surface, a piece of deciduous land, a piece of snow and so on. When someone passes through the projection area, the image on the ground will have some wonderful changing effects according to people's position. For example, there will be a circle of ripples in the pool, small fish in the water will be scattered to avoid, the leaves on the ground will be scattered like being blown away by the wind, and the footprints of people will be left on the snow. It can also project a small simulated sports ground on the ground, where two or more people can play football against each other.

Ground projection system software - high lumen projector will provide real-time combination of interactive sensing and image display, and all special programs will make image generation and interactive sensing change synchronously. The ground projection system is the first time POS / POI has been applied to the rich and innovative advertising culture. Compared with the traditional static advertising media picture, the advertising effect controlled by the ground projection system is realized by the interaction with passers-by or audience.

Ground projection is a way of VR (virtual reality) technology, which makes visitors feel as if they are in a real environment. The high lumen projector can also be used for ground projection, and the performance can be customized and developed according to the needs of the end users.

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