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Holographic Projection Defines More Places

Holographic Projection Defines More Places

Holographic projection applications are one of the most popular projection methods available today.

"Hatsune Miku" is the world's first virtual idol to use holographic projection technology to hold concerts. Although the technology at that time was not mature enough, the stunning effect of the holographic projection prototype has already impacted many people's nerves. Other industries have also borrowed holographic projections.

In the catering field, the holographic restaurant serves as the next outlet for the restaurant, satisfying both the taste of the diners and the vision of the diners. The rapid development of the consumer industry has prompted the public to pay more attention to the experience.

In the choice of restaurants, not only is it good to eat, but also has an atmosphere. Users want to have a sense of ritual for every meal.

In the field of exhibitions, holographic projections have become the “dancing” of digital exhibition halls, especially in exhibition halls,such as science and technology museums, corporate exhibition halls and museums. This kind of projection display technology does not need to be carried by physical objects, and can realize stereoscopic images "out of thin air" in real space.

The display form has the advantages of flexible projection, high definition, cost saving and novel form.

The current tourism industry, not only attractions can attract passengers, but also need to add new elements, so that attractions attract attention, "eye-catching" is more "golden"!

Adding holographic projections to the scenic area can easily bring exciting and interesting interactive experiences in any public area, mobilizing the enthusiasm of the audience and helping to gather popularity.

Holographic projection technology can enhance the value of the product, and let the audience leave a deep brand impression in the process of shocking the technology display. DHN will bring more surprises to everyone!

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