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How to Buy Short Throw Projector

How to Buy Short Throw Projector
The emergence of short cast technology industry is a projection of a spring, the technology has fundamentally solved the problem of the small space is difficult to use screen projection short throw projector, the biggest characteristic of short throw projector is that it can achieve at a close range large screen projection, exceed short throw projector is more suitable for use in a small room, and it has more flexible and more diversified, for installation, it also can effectively solve the problem that  image is not big enough because of limited space, and during the presentation, people walk in front of the projector will block the projected picture or hand shadow.

Short throw projector can be divided into two types from a technique point of view: direct-injection type and reflection type, they are using different technique principles, their application environment, prices, users are different because of their different technique principle. As far as the market is concerned, the price of direct-injection type projector is much lower than reflection type, which are mainly used in teaching and business market. Reflection type projectors can bring stronger short focus with larger image in shorter distance, it is used for high end users with professional requirements, such as popular laser television, which is using reflection type projector.

The function summary:

Short throw projector not only fits the actual demand of small house, but also increases the flexibility of projection. Last year the hottest projection product is ultra-short laser TV,  which is the collocation with the brightness of the laser light source color long life and other advantages, laser make alternative projection TV very confident though laser TV various conditions are good, the higher prices are hard for consumers to accept.

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