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How to Choose Home Entertainment Projector

How to Choose Home Entertainment Projector


Brightness reflects the performance of optical engine as the main parameter of entertainment digital video projector. At present, the optical machine of the intelligent projector, its core component DMD chip is exclusively developed and manufactured by Texas instruments, which means that the main components of the intelligent projector can only be imported procurement, its cost can be imagined. Current home intelligent projector, its brightness mostly in the hundreds to thousands of lumens, there are 854*480 1280*720 1920*1080 three display specifications, the price is between one thousand yuan to five or six thousand yuan.

Image quality

The intelligent entertainment projector for home use USES LED light source, which is better than bulb light source in terms of power consumption stability, heating life and other aspects, it avoids the trouble of maintenance and replacement. The brightness of the picture can also reach a satisfactory level in the indoor shading environment or at night. As for the performance of the picture, the color contrast, light and shade details brought by DLP technology make the color of the projected picture gorgeous and rich in layers, which is more pleasing to the eye than the traditional projection technology. Similar to the dynamic compensation technology, it also provides support for the smooth playing of the picture.

System, application and video resources

Due to the openness of android system, currently all home entertainment projectors adopt the TV operating system developed based on android TV version, which has been recognized by consumers in terms of stability, interactive logic completion. The app of the TV version is basically the same as the mobile terminal devices, such as mobile phone and tablet, but the operating habits are different. It should be noted that the TV version of the video broadcasting platform cannot be Shared with the mobile terminal, which means that you need to apply for the TV version membership separately. As for video resources, in addition to common resources, each major platform has its own exclusive video content, which depends on the consumer's own personal tendency.

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