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How to Choose the Popular Living Room Projector?

How to Choose the Popular Living Room Projector?

Nowadays, there is less and less demand for TV in the family. Instead, projectors are becoming more and more popular. Many people want to install a projector at home, and they don't know how to choose it. So, how to install it to achieve the desired effect?

1. How big is the living room for the projector?

Most projectors can project 100-120 inches of a large screen at about 4m. If it is less than 4m, you can choose a short focus and ultra short-focus projectors, which can project a large screen as long as tens of centimetres. However, ultra short-focus projectors have higher requirements for screen

2. Do projectors have to be equipped with screens?

The white wall projection effect is general, no matter from the brightness contrast or colour saturation are not comparable to the screen, so you can use the screen or use the screen as much as possible.

3. How to choose a projector?

The main three parameters are lumen (brightness), resolution and contrast

Lumen is brightness. The higher the lumen is, the better it can be used when the light is strong in the daytime. In the daytime with a low lumen, you can't see it. But generally, when you watch a movie, you will draw curtains to make the atmosphere of the cinema at home feel better. Therefore, you don't need to be too high at home, 1000-3000 this range is OK.

The higher the resolution is, the better the resolution is, and the higher the resolution is, the clearer the resolution is. In general, the 1920 x 1080 projector is enough for home use, that is, 1080p HD video standard.

Contrast is the clear value of the image. The higher the natural clear value, the better.

As for the installation and debugging of projectors, they are usually purchased in physical stores, and the store can provide door-to-door service. As for the online purchase of projectors, the merchants will have detailed video installation tutorials and customer service explanations. We will consider where to put the projectors? What effect do you want, but it depends on your budget.

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