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How to Overlay Projection of Two Projectors

How to Overlay Projection of Two Projectors
Laser projector suppliers Shanghai DIDON Industrial Co., Ltd. wholeheartedly provides customers with high-quality projection solutions. Usually, according to the situation of the project site, if the distance is long, the environment in the room is brighter, and the brightness of using a DIDON machine is certainly not enough, so two DIDON projectors are needed to superimpose.

Superposition is widely used, and lumen superposition of projector is an important aspect.

The advantages of projection superposition and the equipment used:

1.Ultra-high brightness and ultra-low-cost

Superposition system is suitable for users with brightness requirement of 7000 A NSI lumen or more. But the price of 5000 ANSI lumen or more is extremely expensive. In order to save cost, many users have to sacrifice brightness, and then choose a projector with lower brightness and lower price to replace it. The use of the two-machine superposition scheme, you can exchange for a very small investment in high-performance and high brightness effect, the performance-price ratio will be increased by 3-10 times.

2.Control software

The application of projector overlay includes two ways: standing and hoisting. Users can simply click through the mouse to set the start, shutdown and use mode of any projector, and the software interface.

3. Choosing rotation mode can boot for a long time

Users can control the boot mode to turn the projector on in turn and can set the single boot time. The system provides default time and optional time range. After choosing this mode, the projector will switch on and off alternately. In this way, for users, it solves the problem that ordinary projectors cannot start for a long time.

Powerful superposition function projection fusion technology is a major innovation. Simple superposition can be achieved without any software assistance, generating double lumen brightness. Digital courtyard line into the mainstream market 4K can live in the family as expected. At present, projector superposition is not only used in conference rooms, theatres, museums, auditoriums, public places, schools, research laboratories and other application fields, but also in the main control system of traffic or power detection, as well as the command center of public security, fire control, aviation control, space development center and other units. As an economical solution, the high-brightness overlay of projectors brings users not only a larger picture and higher brightness but also effective control of the purchase cost. All these indicate that the lumen Superposition Technology of the projector is becoming mainstream.

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