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Immersive Projection Systems such as Ground Interaction and Desktop Interaction Create the Future

Immersive Projection Systems such as Ground Interaction and Desktop Interaction Create the Future
Immersive projection system is divided into ground immersive projection, wall immersive projection, desktop immersive projection, back projection immersive, immersive window, immersive bar, immersive game.

Immersive bar - also known as multi-point bar, interactive digital table, interactive projection desktop, so that the ordinary bar (desktop) into a multimedia interactive entertainment game consumption platform. The pictures and texts are abundant and the form is novel, which makes the desktop bar vivid immediately. A variety of bar games, just touch, magical entertainment experience and fashion sense; at the same time, it can support more people to participate in interaction, increase the sense of entertainment. The immersive projection bar uses multi-video capture technology, which makes the cups, bottles, hands, snacks and other elements on the bar instantly form a gorgeous picture, integrating high technology and fashion, and enhancing the dynamic effect. Not only can you interact with the virtual scene, but you can also use it as a platform for designing, playing games, ordering meals and entertainment, and your hands are the mouse.

Ground immersive projection can turn any flat floor area into an exciting real-time interactive magic place. The integrated design of the terrestrial projection interaction system is unique, easy to build and control, and easy to use. At the same time, we can customize the area and shape of the interaction area according to the needs of each specific customer.

The immersive projection on the ground uses the projection equipment suspended at the top to project the image effect to the ground. When the visitor walks to the projection area, through system recognition, the visitor can directly use his feet or actions to interact with the virtual scene on the projection screen, and the interactive effect will change with your steps. Ground immersive projection system is an interactive projection project which integrates virtual simulation technology and image recognition technology. It includes water ripple, flip, collision, erasure, avoidance and follow. Audiences interact with images of the ground through body movements, and various special effects blossom under their feet, bringing a new and unique experience.

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