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Industrial Upgrading: Integrated Development of Image Technology, Tourism, and Culture

Industrial Upgrading: Integrated Development of Image Technology, Tourism, and Culture
The tourism industry's annual revenue topped 5 trillion yuan in 2018, according to the ministry of culture and tourism. Related video projects are booming, and tourism consumption and investment remain strong.

Tourism is essentially a cultural experience. Culture needs to be innovated and inherited through tourism, and carriers and channels are needed to approach people. At this time, the combined image technology with tourism, culture, which is expected to achieve the best allocation of existing resources and effective management.

At present, the cultural tourism industry presents the following six characteristics:

  1. The concept of cultural tourism development is continuously innovated. In the development process of integrating culture and tourism, new ideas and models emerge in the cultural tourism industry, making positive contributions to the integrated development of culture and tourism.
  2. Cultural tourism market continues to expand. In recent years, with the support of national policies, cultural tourist attractions have developed rapidly. Cultural and tourism products such as cultural theme parks, cultural creative parks, film and television bases have been introduced to the market, further expanding the size of the cultural tourism market.
  3. At present, there are still many cultural tourism projects under construction or preparation and cultural tourism market scale is still expanding rapidly. According to the ministry of culture and tourism, tourism revenue will account for 11.15 percent of GDP in 2018, maintaining a growing trend.
  4. The cultural tourism industry is increasingly refined. In the early stage of the development of the cultural tourism industry, there was a lack of refinement, and it operated in a mixed way. After several years of exploration and development, the cultural tourism industry has been further refined. Red tourism, film and television tourism, places of interest are developing together. Cultural tourism projects are flourishing, presenting the character of flowers in a boom.
  5. The cultural and creative tourism industry has attracted wide attention. Innovative cultural creativity is indispensable in all kinds of cultural tourism products. The integration of cultural tourism products with creative industries is not only conducive to attracting tourists, but also to improving the quality of products. Therefore, the cultural and creative tourism industry is attracting more and more attention, and all over the country are creating highly creative cultural tourism products.
  6. The comprehensive cultural tourism industry is increasingly prominent. Both the cultural industry and the tourism industry are involved in many aspects, with considerable driving force and relevance. The cultural tourism industry formed by the integration of the two is naturally a comprehensive emerging industry, which plays an important role in the development of other industries.

Facing the characteristics of the tourism industry, DHN laser display projector opens up the field of the tourism market, realizes the integration of projection display and tourism culture, and promotes the upgrade and development of the tourism industry.

At the same time, the demand for laser projection in the tourism industry has increased greatly. Laser projector plays an extremely important role in various theme projects such as regional tourism, rural tourism, characteristic towns, and health vacation, helping establish and form a tourism IP for many tourist attractions.

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