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Interactive Projection Restaurants Are Popular

Interactive Projection Restaurants Are Popular

The continuous innovation and development of science and technology are to cope with the changing world. Only when we keep pace with the times, do not stick to the rules, and use science and technology flexibly can we not be eliminated by the times. The interactive projection system has been gradually introduced into the catering industry, which shows that interactive projection technology is constantly entering people's lives. At present, the catering industry is experiencing a revolution caused by technological development. If will projector for restaurant Integration into the dining environment can bring consumers new and interesting dining experience.

A foreign restaurant uses interactive projection and motion capture technology to turn a table into a stage for the performance. Through projector for restaurant, the restaurant puts the virtual animation image on the table and highlights the corresponding dishes with the live music, which is very interesting.

Now, this interactive projection restaurant is more and more respected by the industry and loved by consumers. Various projection images, such as falling petals, swimming fish and flying birds, will be displayed on the table. The background picture will change as the diner moves. If diners put their hands on the table, the birds will come and land on their hands. But if the predator's arm suddenly moves, the bird will fly away in fear.

At the same time, for different dishes, the restaurant will use different ways of placement. When the butterfly plate is placed on the table, the butterfly projected on the table through interactive projection will fly around the plate and dance, gathering with the butterfly in the plate. Petals fall on the scene, creating a romantic atmosphere, which is very suitable for couples to have dinner.

With the continuous development of interactive projection technology, our daily vision will be subverted. In the future, there will be more and more new visual technology such as interactive projection will continue to integrate into our lives. With the tide of consumption upgrading, consumption demand is increasing. Interactive projection restaurant is still used by a few high-end restaurants. However, with the development of technology, the future production cost will be lower and lower, and the future interactive projection will enter most restaurants.

If you are engaged in the catering industry, please pay close attention to the technologies and trends related to interactive projection. In the future, more restaurants will need such an interactive projection display effect. Didong is willing to inject new scientific and technological forces into the catering industry to promote the innovative development of interactive projection restaurant.

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