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Introduction to Immersive Projection

Introduction to Immersive Projection

Projection immersive as a new type of projection and a product of high-tech innovation, it is to reach a sense of experience from the perspective of covering the audience from all levels, which is applied in more and more fields. Please see the detailed introduction below.

Ring projection

The multimedia interactive projection, which mainly takes the ring, arc or surface as the projection screen, centres the audience around the centre of the ring screen

The ring-shaped screen presents a large picture, which fully meets the visual requirements of the audience. In addition, the surround stereo effect is integrated with the film content to present an immersive and beautiful audio-visual feast.

L-shaped folding projection

It is usually composed of two screens or directly with the help of the wall and the ground, and creates a seamless and complete picture through two projectors and projection fusion technology. L-shaped folding projection can feel a three-dimensional image without the aid of equipment and has a more immersive experience.

Strong applicability: immersive projection uses projection fusion technology to combine changeable and irregular pictures, so as to show a very complete picture, which is suitable for various exhibition halls.

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