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Introduction to Outdoor Advertising Projector

Introduction to Outdoor Advertising Projector
In order to be used in outdoor advertising, projector must meet some technical requirements.
1. The brightness of a single machine shall be at least 100000 lumens. Even in some environments with strong ambient light, the effect of 100000 lumens is very weak. If the influence of ambient light is relatively large, the brightness requirement is 200000 lumens, or even 500000 lumens.

2. In order to achieve such high brightness lighting conditions, the lighting circuit design of outdoor advertising projector is very different from that of ordinary project projector.

3. It should have very precise synchronous control ability. In general, China's domestic technology is solved by DMX512.

4. Color richness of negative design. It has a lot to do with the film material. PPE materials are mostly used in China. Quartz or other transparent materials are also used. From the advertiser's point of view, generally, the negative film of a device is not more than 15, which is more acceptable to customers. If the number of negatives is too large and multiple customers are replaced frequently, the benefit for each customer will be reduced. On the contrary, if the customer requires rich visual effects, it needs to use large capacity negatives.  For example, with the same equipment, the same venue, the same customer, a customer uses N different negatives with the same theme to play back. The diversity of customer requirements puts forward very high requirements for the capacity design of negative film. Therefore, the design of 1-30 negatives capacity of outdoor advertising projector is suitable for various customer requirements.

5. Huge size. The advantage of outdoor advertising projector is also reflected in its area advantage. For the same 1000 ㎡ large-scale advertising, the outdoor advertising projector only needs the cost of a few negatives, totaling hundreds of yuan, and can be replaced at any time. For the traditional brand, we need to consider the safety of wind, lightning, construction and replacement of personnel. The printing cost of traditional outdoor brands is not low, and can not be replaced at any time.

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