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Is The Projector Better or The TV Better? This Is a Summary of Your Strengths and Weaknesses.

Is The Projector Better or The TV Better? This Is a Summary of Your Strengths and Weaknesses.
Nowadays, with the rapid development of society, more and more high-tech products emerge in endlessly. The power of many electronic products surprises us all, and the emergence of projectors raises our expectations for the arrival of the era of science and technology. Next is the analysis of TV and multimedia projector advantages and disadvantages.

Multimedia projectors have many advantages, such as saving space. The reason why consumers choose projectors is that projectors can project larger pictures in a smaller space. In order to obtain the largest projection area, besides using a wide-angle lens, one of the most important methods is to increase the projection distance as much as possible. Low requirements for the projection screen, forward projection mode is to rely on the projection screen to reflect light, so unless the image requirements are strict, otherwise as long as the general projection screen can meet the requirements, and even some people use white walls are indispensable. Therefore, the forward projection mode has low requirements for the projection screen, more flexibility, and environmental adaptability, that is to say, most occasions can choose the forward projection mode without hesitation.

The multimedia projector also has its shortcomings, which affect the beautiful environment. Because the projector is on the same side with the audience, the appearance, interface, and wiring of the projector are all exposed. Even the projector connected by the wireless network can only reduce the number of connections related to the network connection, and most of the basic connections cannot be saved. Whether it's a family, a classroom, an office or a demonstration hall, a lot of cluttered wiring will be a disaster. So the forward projection projector usually uses hoisting to solve this problem.

So we can see that the advantages of multimedia projector are many, but there are also shortcomings after all, perfect things do not exist. You can choose a projector you like according to your habits and hobbies.

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