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Key Points of Using Dynamic Image of the 3d Laser Projector

Key Points of Using Dynamic Image of the 3d Laser Projector

Dynamic films are obtained by using microlens arrays and microtext arrays through focal plane imaging. From the dynamic films, it can be seen that microlens arrays can enlarge static microimages, and achieve 3D effects such as depth of field or floating, and also realize the superposition of multi-layer images. Then, we can magnify the micro-lens and micro-text to hundreds to thousands of times synchronously, that is to say, the static micro-image is transformed into a small projector or display screen. Each small projector or display screen corresponds to a lens, and each 3d laser projector synchronously plays out dynamic image files, such as continuous multi-frame static images, movies and MTV. So can we magnify the dynamic image and arrange it according to the regularity of the corresponding position of the lens to produce 3D effects such as depth of field or float?

The key points of realizing the dynamic image of 3d laser projector are:

1. Lens structure;

2. Projection design, synchronization of each frame of dynamic image and accuracy of periodic position;

3. Disturbance of depth-of-field video images and normal video images according to different periods (especially the interference of complex images): Can we consider projecting two kinds of video images at different positions of the same lens, and make the overlapping positions as few as possible and not happen interference as far as possible?

4. The algorithm of combining depth-of-field video with normal video.

The so-called video image is actually a continuous playback of static images, but the playback time between frames is shorter than the reaction time of the human eye. We often say that the 3D effect is actually a comprehensive reflection of the depth of field or the floating effect. Only by mutual reference can the 3d laser projector technology be better applied.

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