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How much do You Know about DLP Laser Projector?

How much do You Know about DLP Laser Projector?

Nowadays, slide projectors have been gradually eliminated from the market and replaced by "projectors". It is widely used in family, education, intelligent office, entertainment, large-scale engineering and other fields. According to the different working methods, it can be divided into LCD, DLP and other different types.

Advantages of laser source:

1. Low energy consumption, the energy consumption of laser source is only 50% of that of traditional high-pressure mercury lamp.
2. Low heat, cold light source requires less heat dissipation, so the projector can be more quiet;
3. The volume of solid-state light source is less than one tenth of that of traditional light bulb.
4. Long life, 20,000 hours of life, the projector is broken, the light source may not be broken;
5. The color is pure, the RBG three primary colors are mixed directly, and the image is more gorgeous.
6. Flash-off, switch at any time, without any waiting, let alone the risk of explosion.

Take DET as an example, the complete product line of DET laser, from laser phosphorus powder to three-color pure laser, single chip DLP laser projector to three chip DLP laser projectors, meets the needs of various fields.

From the comprehensive use of laser as projection light source in LCD projector manufacturers, we can see that although its own advantages are irreplaceable in their respective fields, the laser light source can not be avoided, and it is also an inevitable trend accepted by all manufacturers and users.

In the popular consumption concept, the concept of flat-panel TV is still deep-rooted, to some extent, this is still "spring snow". However, we can find from the analysis of the user data of flat-panel TV online shopping that the proportion of both the projectors purchased at the same time and the searched projectors purchased at the same time are increasing year by year. To some extent, this reflects the increasing attention of people to projectors. Due to the shortage of production line, the laser can not reduce the price in a short time, and people lack of popularization of projector knowledge. Although there are obstacles, its progress is still bright.

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