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Laser Action Projector

Laser Action Projector
The laser action projector uses laser beams to transmit images. Among them, the optical components of the laser projector are mainly red, green and blue light valve, beam combining x prism, projection lens and driving light valve. There are red, green and blue lasers in the laser projector.

The laser beam is expanded by the corresponding optical elements and processing chips in the machine, then transmitted to the X-prism to integrate the three laser beams, and then transmitted to the projection screen by the projection objective lens to complete the whole display process of the laser action projector.

Laser projector is to make up for the defects of 3lcd and DLP. That is, the working life is long, and the screen brightness will not be dimmed due to long-time work; the color gamut is wide, which is about 2 times of that of ordinary projectors.

The overall performance of the laser action projector is very good. The laser projector with few products in the retail market has appeared for many years. It's not a new technology. It's very mature in all aspects. More and more companies are also working on laser applications, and the future development of laser projectors will definitely have great achievements.

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