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Laser Projection Display Technology

Laser Projection Display Technology

Laser projection display technology, also known as laser projection technology or laser display technology, is a display technology with red, green and blue (RGB) laser as the light source, which can most truly reproduce the rich and gorgeous colours of the objective world and provide more shocking expression.

From the perspective of chromaticity, the gamut coverage of laser display can reach more than 90% of the color space recognized by human eyes, more than twice the coverage of the traditional display gamut, completely breaking through the deficiencies of the gamut space of the previous three generations of display technology, realizing the most perfect color restoration in human history, enabling people to see the most real and gorgeous world through the display terminal.

At present, there are three main technologies of laser display: pure laser with three primary colours, phosphor + blue light and led + laser. According to their respective technical characteristics and corresponding terminal projection products, three primary colour pure laser is the label of high-end laser projector, and the projection equipment adopting this technology can easily achieve the brightness of more than 20000 lumens; while the phosphor is corresponding to the low-end projector, with the highest brightness just breaking 10000 lumens; the LED and laser hybrid light source technology is aimed at the low-end market, and the terminal adopting this technology Display device, brightness not more than 3000 lumens.

Main application of laser projection display

At present, the laser light source is mainly used in the engineering market, which requires high brightness, colour and service life. In the past, the maintenance cost of a bulb projector is very high and the price is not low. Therefore, when the laser light source is mature, the impact on this market is the greatest. Laser light source solves many other problems such as later maintenance, energy consumption, etc. Therefore, in the engineering market, all major brands are actively arranging and releasing their own laser light source projectors.


Laser light source is not only a simple innovation of projector light source technology, with this light source technology, the combat power of the projector has risen in a straight line. In the past, under the competition of LCD screen, led splicing screen and other technologies, the development of projectors has been limited in specific fields. With the popularization of laser technology, projectors will play an important role in business education, engineering and home use. From the technical point of view, it can be said that the laser light source "liberated" the projector, not dancing with shackles. I hope that China's laser industry will develop faster and faster.

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