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Laser Projector DM907
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4500 Lumens 1920x1080 Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector DM907

4500 lumens, 1920*1080 native resolution, 0.25 ultra short throw laser projector

DM907 has 4500 ANSI lumens with 1920*1080 native resolution, and it also has the built-in edge blending function. The function of 17*17 geometric correction can change the image into any different shapes. The 0.25 ultra short throw can reduce the distance between the projector and the screen. DM907 has a touch control function, which makes it more suitable for the interactive classroom.
  • Functions of Laser Projectors

  • Parameter

  • Adopts Texas Instruments DLP technology and 1080p 0.65” chips
  • Adopts SSI laser light source technology and the service life is over 20000 hours
  • The brightness is 4500 lumens and the contrast ratio is 10000:1 APM
  • DM907 has the built-in I-chip, not only support vertical and horizontal keystone correction, but also support 2*2, 3*3, 5*5, 9*9, 17*17 geometric correction. It can support up to 289 adjustment points.
  • Ultra short throw lens and reflective design
  • Built-in infrared camera, no need to add the electronic whiteboard
  • Built-in edge blending function, and built-in the splicing and edge blending mode
  • Support orthographic projection, back projection, side projection, top projection and 2*360° projection.
  • Support active 3D stereo projection
  • Support PIP, PBP projection mode
  • Equipped the high definition interface HDMI*2 and MHL function
  • Multiple signal input ports with 2 channels different signals sync input
  • RS232 (D-sub 9-pin*1)port, and support various long-range control and centralized management
  • The minimum stand mode power is less than 0.5 watt
  • Support wall color compensation function
  • It has the detection signal auto power on function and the users can control the DM907 when controlling the front-end signal source
  • Support 7*24 hours projection

Ultra short throw lens

DM907 adopts the high definition ultra short throw lens with the reflective design. It can achieve ultra-short focus projection distance while ensuring that the projected image is clear and uniform without deformation. This design can fully save the installation distance.

The throw ratio of the DM907 is only 0.25:1, so a 100-inch image only need 55cm projection distance.

Environmental friendly laser light source

This projector adopts the new laser light source, which has the advantages of the wider color gamut, exquisite color quality, over 20000hours service life, smaller energy consumption and so on.

High brightness for more usage scenarios

The 4500lumens brightness can meet the needs of many occasions all day.
It can provide high brightness images in the conference rooms, classrooms, indoor advertisements for 24 hours.

Geometric correction

DM907 adopts the 2*2, 3*3, 5*5, 9*9, 17*17 geometric correction function. The single projector can project to the irregular screen( for example arc screen), and the image will be faultlessly projected into the screen through adjusting the grid points.

DM907 can achieve the creative display no need to add the other equipment even the irregular wall.  Users can also set several different projected shapes to be stored inside the device.

Support single-point and multi-point touch control

Single DM907 or 2 pieces DM907 can achieve the interactive touch control for ten points at the same time. The stylus makes sure the touch control is accurate, no delay and no- break.

This design can replace the interactive way of electronic whiteboard and projection, which can supply more convenient solutions for the interactive classrooms.

Built-in edge blending function

DM907 laser video projector short throw projector 4500 lumens has a series of edge blending modules, which can realize the high definition and ultra large screen by the edge blending function of more than one DM907.

The multiple edge blending function can be achieved by the card display. It is a kind of image cutting processor. DM907 has the "edge blending" mode, which can automatically process the brightness of the fusion zone and the non-fusion zone.

High definition

With the 1080p native resolution, the image quality of the DM907 can achieve to the full HD and the image is more clear.

The 16:9 widescreen proportion is same as the standard films and television proportion.

Adopts the dual color wheel technology

DM907 adopts the four-part forms of Filter Wheel and Phos-phorWheel. Red light has a higher proportion, so the images are more realistic. The color's amount is reached to 10.7billion.

Full 3D format

With the TI signal processing chip, this DM907 can connect Blu-ray drive, tv box, games and 3D device. It is no need to prepare other signal converters can realize 3D projection, which made teaching demonstration, business speech, entertainment display more real and vivid.

Rich and practical interfaces

This projector equipped with HDBaseT interface supporting 20Gbps transmission rate, the transmission distance is up to 100 meters.

VGA*1, Audio Jack*1, HDMI*2,  RJ45 HDBaseT x 1, mircrophone jack*1, RS-232C x 1 , Mini USB x 1 VGA x 1 , Audio Jack x 1 RJ45 X 1 USB-A X 1 (5V@2A)

RS232 interface and keypad support various remote control and centralized management (Crestron/ Ectron/PJ Link/ AMX/ Telnet). Users can use different control devices for remote control and centralized management according to the requirements of the application environment.
      DHN DM907(3D laser projector)
Project Specifications
Appearance DHN DM907(3D laser projector)
Model DM907
Projection technology TI DLP
DMD Chip size 0.65 resolution
Resolution 1920*1080
Image Aspect ratio Automatic /4:3/16:9/16:10
Light Souce 4W Laser (455nm) x 23
Lamp life 20,000 Hours
Brightness 4,500 Lumens
Contrast ratio 10000:1 (APM)
Brightness uniformity (JBMA) 80% (Typical)
Color uniformity Δ u'v' ≦ 0.03
Lens f/2.4
Projection size 30"-200"
Digital Zoom Support
Noise Full Mode: 36dBA (Typical) / ECO Mode: 32dBA (Typical)
Built-in Interactive function Support (touch screen pen)
Built-in edge blending function Support
keystone correction and vertical shift function support (2x2 / 3x3 / 5x5 / 9x9)
Curved screen  Support
Throw ratio 0.25:1
Projection mode Cast / lifting / lifting is cast / lifting rear projection
Image offset 128.6% ± 3%
Distortion @ 130 " Horizontal ≦9mm ; Vertical ≦9mm
Keystone correction Horizontal keystone correction / vertical keystone correction
Geometric correction 2x2 / 3x3 / 5x5 / 9x9
ARC adjustment Support
Picture-in-picture /side-by-side display Support
Mosaic Manual OSD/ automatic PC
I/O Connection Ports VGA*1, Audio socket*1,HDMI*2,RJ45 HDBaseT*1, Microphone jack, RS-232C*1, Mini USB*1, VGA*1, Audio socket*1, RJ45*1, USB-A*1(5V@2A)
Fusion range 1.Left : 0(0%) / 192(10%) ~ 960(50%)2.Right : 0(0%) / 192(10%) ~ 960(50%)3.Top:0(0%) / 108(10%) ~ 540(50%)4.Bottom:0(0%) / 108(10%) ~ 540(50%)
Image mode Bright / shows / movies / Games / mosaic / user
Wall color adaptation White / light yellow / light blue / pink / dark green
Monochrome adjustment Red / green / blue / green / magenta / yellow /white
FUNCTIONS 1.4500 lumens
2.1080p full hd resolution
3.laser light source(life can up to 20000 hours)
4.ultra short throw function(0.55m can project 100 inch screen)
5.interactive touch screen function(equipped with a touch screen pen)
6.keystone correction and vertical shift function,Supports custom applications such as: edge blending, pixel mapping, and projection on curved surfaces from any mounting position (vertical, horizontal and / or tilting 360 degree projection).
7.3d(support passive and active 3d) interface(HDBaseT interface, can up to 100 meters.VGA x 1 ;audio jack x 2 ;HDMI x 2 ; RJ45/HDBaseT x 1;Microphone jack x 1 ;RS-232C x 1; Mini USB x 1; VGA x 1; RJ45 X 1 ;USB-A X 1 (5V@2A) 
9.pip fushion images(supports connecting different signals simultaneously, make two screen into one screen)
10.10,000:1 contrast ratio.
11.Lamp-free design allows for 24/7/365 continuous, maintenance-free operation.
12.Dimension :383mm(W) x 310mm x86mm
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