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Laser Video Display Technology has Broad Prospects for Development

Laser Video Display Technology has Broad Prospects for Development
Nowadays, laser display technology has become the focus of competition in the new generation of display technology. In this respect, China shares the advanced level with the developed countries in the world, and is expected to realize the leap-forward development of display industry through laser display.

Laser video display technology has been basically overcome. The biggest problem is industrialization. We hope that the country will continue to support the laser display industry and accelerate the industrialization process of laser display.

The prospect of laser display industry is very broad, but enterprises must first think about where to cut in before the marketization of the laser display. Laser projection display has two market-oriented directions worthy of attention: one is movable, the development direction of laser display should aim at movable home cinema and micro-projection, just as laptop computers replace desktop computers, and mobile feature is a potential big market, while LCD and OLED display are fixed; the other is the direction of development. At present, the development of LCD TV towards super-large screen is limited. The competitor of laser video display is LED display with high brightness.

Laser display will form a billion-dollar scale in four markets: super-large screen/large screen, home theater/TV, micro-projection/mobile projection, computer screen/game console. In these four markets, we don't underestimate game consoles. At present, game consoles make more money than other market areas. This industry needs Jobs-style creativity,making full use of the advantages of laser display and its application, to continuously satisfy the best visual enjoyment of human beings with high fidelity laser display.

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