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Light Source Technology of Projector

Light Source Technology of Projector
When the image is converted into a digital signal, we also need a light source to project it, which requires the use of light source technology. At present, there are two main light source technologies: LED light source and laser light source, among which LED light source technology is the most widely used.

1.LED light source

LED light source

LED (Light Emitting Diode), or light-emitting diode, is a solid-state semiconductor device that converts electrical energy directly into visible light. It has the advantages of easy control, rich color, long life and so on. It has been very mature in cost, industrialization, security, industrial chain and so on.

2.Laser light source

Laser light source

Laser light source into the projection industry, it can be said that the whole industry is crazy about it. Its high brightness, long service life, wide color gamut and other advantages, so that the projection of each market segment can be rapidly expanded. In the early days of laser light source, it encountered bottlenecks in the difficult problems of red light and green light. Now, with the continuous overcoming of laser technical problems, the performance of laser projection display effect is outstanding, and the products are gradually accepted by users. In addition, it is also gradually optimized in the details, such as eye protection, humanization and other aspects, to improve user's experience. It can be said that the market potential of laser display projector is huge, and the future can be expected.
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