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How to Choose Between Multimedia Projector and TV for Our Home?

How to Choose Between Multimedia Projector and TV for Our Home?
We all agreed that we should buy projectors. After all, for young people who rent a house, the projector can not only achieve all purposes of the television, but also it is easy to carry with small space. Of course we should choose a projector.

However, for a family, what should they choose? TV or projectors? What are the advantages and disadvantages of multimedia projector?

Screen size

The most obvious difference between the projector and the TV is the projection screen. From the perspective of screen, whether it is a mobile phone or a TV, people are pursuing a large screen size.

Projectors are basically 100 inches or 200 inches start, and the size can be adjusted according to their own needs , but  80 inches television now is seldom to be seen.
Projectors win once

Floor space

Space demand is a crucial factor without the relation of the product itself, but in the realistic environment, which is very valuable , buying  the fixed space for a big screen TV must occupy one side wall basically.

To present youth, it seems that big sitting room is not the mainstream of the house, multimedia projector only needs one side white wall, if it installs curtain, its position is more flexible. You can put it wherever you want, and you can put the curtain back, the machine itself doesn't take up much space, so it's very flexible.
Projectors win twice

Service life

We all want the life of a product to be infinite when we buy things. Although it is difficult to realize, the life of a TV brand is basically more than 10 years.

However, multimedia projector can't have long service life, its service life is about 5 years, its critical weakness is light bulb. On the basis of the existing technology, the life of the projector bulb is calculated in hours. After one or two years, the brightness of the bulb is greatly reduced and needs to be replaced, which may vary from hundreds to thousands at a time.
TV wins once


Projectors are a commercial to civilian products, in recent years projectors began to appear in the family living room, although the current projector operation is quite simple but for the elderly at home, it is still a problem to be solved. TV has long appeared in the family, relatively speaking, the elderly have learned how to control, of course, for the young, they do not need to consider this problem.
TV wins twice

So you should make a choice according to your requirement.

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